Gift for 1-5 year old EDUCATIONAL Plush Toy Talking Animal Set, Stuffed Animals, Elephant Monkey Lion... Price: $25.99 (as of 03/01/2021 08:21 PST- Details)


Not all stuffed animals are created equal. Some are too large and take up way too much space in the playroom or bedroom. Others are so small and boring that they either get lost, or children lose interest playing with them. These talking stuffed animals are the perfect size and interactive! We’ve yet to come across a toddler boy or girl that doesn’t consider these to be their favorite toy at playtime. Every set comes with four stuffed animals Lion, Elephant, Monkey, and Panda along with a cute treehouse storage basket for the toys. While children play with these plush toys, they’ll also be learning all about animals. Every animal has four different phrases that they say when you press on them. You’ll hear things like, “A baby lion is called a cub. Cubs love to play just like you!” “Pandas eat bamboo, a really hard type of grass. We spend up to 16 hours a day eating this food. That’s a lot of eating!” “Elephants are a huge animal. We are the largest animal on land. That’s pretty big” and so much more. They’re an excellent gift idea for boys and girls 6 months and up. They’re completely safe and meet all U.S. safety standards for children’s toys. The surface of the toys is washable too, so when they get a little dirty from lots of play, you can wipe and disinfect them quickly. Your search for the perfect gift for toddlers is over. These soft learning toys are a can’t-miss gift idea that’s sure to be a hit at playtime. zoo playset
🐘 HANDS-ON FUN AND LEARNING ALL-IN-ONE – The jungle farm toys are not only great for pretend play but educational too! Press on them and hear them say things like “Lions live far, far away in a place called Africa” and “Hello there, I’m an elephant. Let’s be friends”, And more. (each animal says 4 fact messages about themselves)
🐼 CLEAN UP AND STORAGE WILL BE A BREEZE – As parents, we all know how the playroom can go from neat and organized to a total mess in a matter of minutes. These Montessori Toddler Toy Set come with an adorable treehouse storage basket and carry handle for your child.
🐒 YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US – Creating infant toys that are not only a blast to play with but safe for children is important to us. These travel toys are 100% safe and meet all U.S. safety standards. They’re suitable for children 6 months and up.
🎁 OUT OF THE WORLD GIFT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS – If you’re trying to think of a gift for little boy or girl, then don’t hesitate, order these cute stuffed animals. They’re loads of fun, educational, and guaranteed to be unlike any other toy they for 1 year old boy
🦁 WE BRING THE JUNGLE TO THE PLAYROOM – Take playtime to the next level with these plush baby toys. Every set comes with four stuffed animals; A Lion, Elephant, Monkey, and Panda. Our animal toys are bigger, softer, and more enjoyable to play with than cheaper alternatives.

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