Universal Specialties Magic Ball Fun Fidget Time Stress Relief Soft Rainbow Colored Balls Puzzle Hours...

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This ball provides hours of entertainment and stress relief with no maintenance. Scramble all of the colored balls by popping them one at a time into another hole using the starter hole which doesn’t have a ball, then attempt to push them back to the correct hole they belong in. A colored ring around the hole will let you know which ball goes where. This is a great gift for anyone who suffers from high anxiety or simply for anyone with idle hands. All will enjoy!
This stress relieving puzzle game comes with 12 holes and 11 colorful balls.
A must-have for parents with hyperactive or attention deficit children. Great for Adults too!
Pop each ball into another hole to “scramble” the colors. Now try to get them back where they belong! 11 of the 12 hols will have a colored ring to dictate which ball goes where.
Great for improving memory, motor skills and hand-eye coordination for all age groups.
Great for gifting. Handheld size makes this a perfect toy for a backpack, purse or pocket. Take it with you everywhere!

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